London Brewery Events Round-Up: January 2019

After a festive season of excess, many of us fly the white flag in January and admit defeat. Drinking is hard to avoid around Christmas, so we feel compelled to give our livers a breather.

January can also be a very difficult time of year for independent breweries, taprooms and bars as movements like Dryanuary have gained momentum. To push back, the Tryanuary initiative encourages people to drink less, but drink well – that is, if you’re only going to have one beer this Friday, why not make it something different from the craft brewery down the road?

So get on board with Tryanuary and mindful drinking this month. Here are some events to help you get started:

MONCADA BREWERY TAPROOM REOPENING: Friday, 11th January -Saturday, 12th January . They took a respite during the holidays, but North West London’s Moncada Brewery are opening their taproom again and invite you to their first weekend event of 2019. Join them to try a limited edition version of their Floor Shaker IPA and some tasty food from Ladle London. Moncada Brewery, 37 Humber Road, NW2 6EN. Free, more information here.

TRYANUARY WITH GIPSY HILL TAP TAKEOVER WEEKEND: Thursday, 17th January - Saturday 19th January. Hackney Wick’s Beer Merchants welcomes South London’s Gipsy Hill Brewing Company for a tap takeover weekend. On Thursday the 17th, the Gipsy Hill crew will be in the house for a meet the brewer session. New beers will then be launched on the 18th and 19th respectively. This event is perfect for those in East London looking to get out of the East London beer bubble (all in the spirit of Tryanuary, right?). Beer Merchants, 99 Wallis Road, E9 5LN. Free, more information here.

BREWER BOTTLE SHARE; BEERS THAT SHAPED OUR BREWING: Saturday, 19th January, 5pm-7pm. South East London’s Brick Brewery are supporting Tryanuary with a special bottle share. Join them for this free event at their taproom, where other breweries in the SE area will be speaking about the beers that influenced them. Expect tastings and discussions about each beer – plus bring a beer of your own that has inspired you to share with the group. Brick Brewery, Arch 209, Blenheim Grove, SE15 4QL. Tickets are free and can be found here.

TRYANUARY HACKNEY BEER HOP: Saturday, 26th January, 1pm-6:30pm. Great news! The Five Points Brewing Company are hosting their annual Hackney Beer Hop pub crawl. Join them by grabbing a £12 ticket (all proceeds will go to their charity partner, which is TBC). Discover and support some great pubs and bars around Hackney during a quiet month – all while having a great time. Various locations. Tickets are £12 and can be purchased here.

Missed something? Let us know.

This events list will be updated as new events are announced, so keep checking back!