The blog

Brewing East is a blog with a focus on the beer drinking culture in East London. Content includes: home brewing, breweries, beer and events. It's fuelled entirely by personal interest and isn’t a professional or serious perspective on the industry. It aims to appeal to other novices and curious drinkers.

The blogger

Rebecca has been living in London since 2006 and based in Stratford, East London, since 2013. Turned on to craft beer in the early days of The Horseshoe pub in Hampstead- when Camden Town Brewery operated out of the basement- she’s had an insatiable appetite for interesting styles ever since. After spending enough time in taprooms across London to meet other passionate drinkers, she began writing about her experiences. The intention was to learn more about what and why something was in her glass and began as a hobby.

Rebecca (Bex) is now hoping to gain more insight into the industry and eventually become a fully-fledged beer journalist. 

Bex is also an avid runner and writer, contributing to other websites on non-beer features.